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Our School Program

The School of Spiritual Science offers a four-year curriculum of spirituality, meditation, study and service designed to guide individuals into deeper levels of spiritual awareness and practical ways of living. Founded in 1970, the program emphasizes holistic concepts and is intended for both the students who have not previously studied metaphysics and for those who wish to broaden and deepen their studies of ancient wisdom. Students can choose to attend all four years, culminating in ordination as Minister of Spiritual Science (M. S. S.) or the Academic Certificate or participate on a year-to-year basis. Study materials include the works of leading historical and modern teachers in the field of metaphysics. Meditation is an integral part of all years of study, providing a foundation to the entire program.

SS101 - First Steps in Unfolding Awareness: Creating a Bridge between Soul and Personality through Meditation
SS102 - Examination of Death, Dying and Post-earthly Life:  Purpose for Incarnation, Process of Dying, and After Life

The first year curriculum incorporates meditation and visualization techniques to create awareness between Soul and personality.  The first semester introduces basic spiritual science precepts, study of subtle energy, the I AM power, and steps in developing intuition.  The second semester examines the esoteric meaning of death, dying, post earthly life, and includes personal process work for understanding one’s own path through reincarnations, symbolism meditations, the lesson of forgiveness, and comforting self and others in situations related to death.

SS201/SS202 - Unifying Concepts in World Religions I and II:  Tracing the Golden Thread of Truth through Religions

In searching for the golden thread of Truth, the second year is devoted to the study of the unifying concepts of world religions.  Techniques of deliberate creation and meditation are practiced to further intuition and relationship with Soul.

SS301/SS302 - Preparing and Perfecting the Healing Channel: Foundations of Spiritual Healing I and II

The third year focuses on the art and science of esoteric healing—the releasing Soul to its life.  Study ranges from ancient mystery schools of healing to current energetic research and therapies.  Practical, applied healing techniques for self and others are taught.  Meditation assists the student in expanding consciousness and in letting go of old, conflicting thought patterns.  Upon successful completion of this year, the student is designated Healer. 

SS401/ SS402 - Wisdom Teachings I and II

The fourth year curriculum is designed for deeper growth and spiritual development. Through study of ancient mysteries and philosophies, the student explores creation and evolution of humanity, earth, the universe, as well as his or her place and connection with universal powers. Meditation and increased intuitive development enhance knowledge. Ministerial candidates receive additional instruction in the practice of ministry.

During their matriculation, students are offered guidelines to assess their own progress.  These include:

  • Demonstrating discipline through applying the knowledge gathered from reading, studying, homework, and class participation.
  • Stabilizing the personality through meditation to attract the intuition and creativity of the Soul.
  • Assuming increased responsibility for one’s development, right thinking, wise discrimination, and creative action.
  • A loving energy as part of daily life and a willing commitment to serve.

Teachers support students in growing at their own pace knowing that there is no timetable for Soul development.  Students are advised to be encouraged by the smallest change because when change takes hold, healing fills the life and hope gives vision and incentive to further growth.

Application to the school will be open for submission up to the first week in September.  Please click and download the registration form: NSSC_Student_Application.doc
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After Completing your application, you can send it to us by scanning the completed form and attaching it in an email: or mail it to:  

School of Spiritual Science
P.O. Box 5412
Takoma Park, MD 20913
Attention:  Admissions

School year 2017-2018 classes begin the first week in September, and are held one evening per week, from 6:30 - 9:30 PM, for two 18-week semesters. The cost for each semester is $650. Books, supplies and fees are not included in the tuition cost. A non-refundable deposit of $100.00 is required with the Application. Tuition plans are available. 

For further information, email or call 202.723.4510.