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NSSC School of Spiritual Science

Are you on a spiritual path of discovery?
Do you hear an inner voice calling for greater expression?
Are you interested in learning tools and practices that enable you to respond to the challenges of daily life?What would it be like to access an increased capacity for happiness and freedom?
Are you curious about the last great frontier — the inner world?

Studying at NSSC is ideal for individuals who wish to explore and empower their spiritual lives and individuals who wish to deepen their spiritual understanding and experience.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to step into your own power!


Workshops, seminars, and ritual experiences are offered on a variety of subjects in the field of metaphysics and spiritual growth throughout the year by qualified presenters. 


If you or a love one is requesting special prayer or confidential counseling, please call NSSC at 202.723.4510 or e-mail NSSC at  If counseling is desired, please leave your phone and email address, and you will be contacted to schedule an appointment.