God is, and within All Exists!God is, and within All Exists!God is, and within All Exists!God is, and within All Exists!

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The National Spiritual Science Center (NSSC) is a center for the convergence of spirit and matter for the entire world's cultures. Tucked in Washington, DC, the Eagle's Nest of our planet, NSSC stands as a wayshower, guarding, guiding and upholding the principle of freedom, which ever seeks to reinvent itself; holding close the essence of love; and adhering to the qualities of goodness, truth and beauty.

Our members carry the eternal flaming torch of truth into this city of world freedom and nurturance to the peoples of the planet. We stand tall, transmuting, transforming and transcending the energy of dissonance into that of harmony. We seek to birth a new kind of humanity, a new kind of nation, a new kind of world. We work with little fanfare, for not much is needed... at times the giant's steps are small.

Love can turn the world around 

and it does.

What did you think was spinning your planet

if it wasn't love

And what do you think the fires of your sun consist of

and the cells of your body

and the stars in your sky

and the consciousness in your heart?

It is all love.

- Emmanuel's Book, p. 48


The Center seeks to provide demonstrable teachings for all who feel drawn to the path of spiritual development and understanding. The Center strives constantly to evaluate its precepts and teachings, keeping them always consistent, orderly, provable and holistic - a science of spiritual growth. Various phenomena and noumena are explored and evaluated for their contribution to the spiritual growth and development of the individual. There is no effort to proselytize or willfully interfere with anyone's faith, religious beliefs or philosophy.

To be a source of study of ancient wisdom and modern truth through such time tested processes as transmutation, transformation, transcendence and research, thereby creating the practical tools to direct the integration of the soul and personality.


The Spiritual Science Guidelines tell us, "Soul unfoldment is the purpose of life. Fraternal service is the way of life." We believe that living in service to others is a path that allows each individual to reach their highest spiritual aspirations. We embrace the gift of creating our own destiny and creating a world that comforts, sustains and empowers all humanity.

All activities of the National Spiritual Science Center are predicated upon the following affirmation:

God is, and within God all exists. 

Humankind is created out of the love of God. We have free will, which is God's gift, and total freedom of choice at all times regarding all things, thoughts and actions. Individuals learn best through their own experiences. 

This is an experiential Center where individuals who are discovering their path may question, explore and study  their own thoughts, as well as those of others who have traveled this way. Teachers, guides and helpers sustain the Center and provide assistance with a loving hand and an understanding heart to all who seek to realize the unity of creation and the place of love and wisdom within. 

The light and power of God, the Universal Creative Energy, is shared by all, regardless of such perceived differences as color, race creed, caste, sex, age, etc.


    The National Spiritual Science Center was established in 1941 in Washington, DC by Rev. Alice Wellstood Tindall as the First Spiritual Science Church. Rev. Tindall was trained at the Spiritual   Science Mother Church. The  Spiritual Science Mother Church was founded by Rev. Julia Forrest on May 23, 1923 at Carnegie Hall Studios in New   York City.

   During the next twenty-eight years, Rev, Tindall conducted weekly services, led development circles and represented the Church and its concepts in public appearances. The Church was an active participant, through Rev. Tindall, in organizing the Federation of Spiritual Churches and Associations. Rev. Tindall served repeatedly as an officer of the Federation.

    Rev. Diane and Rev. Henry Nagorka joined the Church in 1962 and studied with Rev. Tindall until 1968. In 1969, responsibilities for the Church was passed on to the Revs. Nagorka.  The School  of Spiritual Science was developed and Center activities were expanded. 

   In January 1970, the Center moved to 5605   Sixteenth Street, NW, Washington,  DC.  Rev. Henry J. Nagorka was President of the Center for sixteen years. With his passing in 1986, Rev. Diane Nagorka served as President until retiring in June, 1989.

Entering fully into the group dynamic of the Age of Aquarius, oversight and policy direction for the Center is currently provided by its Board of Directors. The Center is located at 1325 Fern Street, N.W. in Washington, D.C.    



SPIRITUAL SCIENCE is a philosophy, a way of life, and a non-sectarian spiritual practice that teaches individuals to plumb the depths of their relationship to ALL things, to their concept of Deity (God/ Goddess/ All That Is), and to their own selves.

SPIRITUAL SCIENCE is an investigation of a person's relationship to God/Goddess on a very personal level. Based on an individual understanding and application of the laws and principles of the universe, and on esoteric and metaphysical philosophies, it encourages each person to test their beliefs and prove them scientifically to themselves as much as possible. SPIRITUAL SCIENCE is the science of individual spiritual growth.

SPIRITUAL SCIENCE is inclusive, believing that all people and all religions are inherently good. SPIRITUAL SCIENCE places an emphasis on meditation as the path for getting in touch with one's inner guidance, and to develop intuition and psychic abilities. Most importantly, SPIRITUAL SCIENCE teaches an expectation that through their thoughts, words and actions, every individual takes responsibility for their own selves, and their own lives.

"SPIRITUAL SCIENCE speaks of four faculties that must be acquired on the so-called preparatory path, or path of probation, before one can advance to higher knowledge. The first is the ability to distinguish in our thinking between truth and appearance - between what is true and what is simply opinion. The second is the ability to value truth and reality in relation to appearances. The third consists in the application of the six qualities for initiation... control of thoughts, control of actions, perseverance, tolerance, faith, and equanimity. The fourth is the love of inner freedom."

- Rudolf Steiner, How To Know Higher Worlds

"SPIRITUAL SCIENCE... teaches - Man's relationship to God: Spiritual and Scientific. It teaches humanity whence it came and wither it goes! Spiritual Science teaches continuity of life, but first of all it teaches man's co-relation to God! 

Spiritual Science is soul development, soul-unfoldment, soul-progress and the culmination of these three-in-one is: Love, Unity and Peace."

- Paraphrased from the tenets, originally from Rev. Julia Forrest, First Spiritual  Science Mother Church in New York City, 1935. (See History)

As the consciousness of man unfolds, it "reveals LOVE, UNITY, and PEACE! The LOVE, which is GOD, revealing the UNITY of all mankind as children of God and this realty in turn, resulting in PEACE!"

- Rev. Alice Wellstood Tindell, What Is Spiritual Science, as published in the Psychic Observer, October, 1969.

Much of the philosophy behind SPIRITUAL SCIENCE can be summed up in the following excerpt from a channeling by Rev. Diane S. Nagorka on Sunday, January 4, 1976 - as printed in Spirit as Life Force:

Forever ago we met in the Temple of the Sun, for the Sun has been forever. And forever has man worshiped within his heart - within his mind, within his Spirit - the King of the Kings, that Presence, sacred and holy, called by different names throughout the Ages:


Each of you is to understand at this time that there is no one religion, there is no one dogma, there is no one form of worship. Man creates for himself a set of forms, a set of rules to fit his needs. Then all forms are good according to the development of the individual.

As you sit and examine yourself, understand what you find within yourself as you dig and dig and dig. In the eternal search for identity, you seek the true God. What is your identity then?

I AM. There is no other.

We walked together through many temples. We worshiped at many shrines. We have been many colors. We have been all levels of humanity from the lowest to the highest. Mankind thus gains knowledge.

For when you understand all manner of experience, you become a total and whole individual. Then do not turn up your nose at your neighbor or sit in judgment upon your sister or brother. And do not say, "There, but for the grace of God, go I." For, my brother, there have you gone and there have you been. You experience all things and you must understand all things before you are Master. For a Master is one who knows, who understands, who is filled with compassion. This is the ultimate walk.

1. Love is the foundation of all creation, the divine light that transcends all.

2. God, the universal Creative Energy, the creator and sustainer of the universe permeates all within it. The universe is a whole, in a dynamic state of constant growth.

3. The life drive of every entity aims at complete unification with the Universal Creative Power.

4. We, as immortal spirits and co-creators, are the masters of our own destiny, completely responsible for every  thought, word and deed.

5. Individual free will embodies a relationship to Universal Will. Growth of awareness and spirituality is directly    coupled  to the increase of the role of Universal Will.

6. Wisdom, the secret of all religion, the power of the mysteries, and the essence of all philosophy, lies latent in  humanity, awaiting the discovery and realization of the light and power of God within.

7. Communication at spirit levels is a fact and everyone is psychic. The path of wisdom, however, is seeking first the   kingdom of God and His righteousness. All things are added to us as we grow.                  

8. Soul unfoldment is the purpose of life. Fraternal service is the way of life.

9. The God Force is just, impersonal and totally accepting, drawing all to perfection.


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